MayaShop – A Flexible Responsive e-Commerce Theme

MayaShop is a fresh WordPress theme that utilises the powerful WooCommerce plugins to create a versatile Wordpress powered shop, with unlimited layout options and unlimited skins. Make this theme your own.

Mix up content on the homepage with widgets and shortcodes, set the layout full width or boxed style, choose your background color or set one of the 50+ custom backgrounds, set your header color, change the style of your products, chose from 8 different sliders.. a theme so versatile that you can customize it to suit your business by simply changing a few settings. With MayaShop you can sell everything!

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MayaShop is a fresh WordPress theme that utilises the powerful WooCommerce plugins to create a versatile WordPress powered shop, with unlimited layout options and unlimited skins. Make this theme your own.

Mix up content on the homepage with widgets and shortcodes, set the layout full width or boxed style, choose your background color or set one of the 50+ custom backgrounds, set your header color, change the style of your products, chose from 8 different sliders.. a theme so versatile that you can customize it to suit your business by simply changing a few settings. With MayaShop you can sell everything!


We provide support only through our support desk. Register yourself in our site, then active your theme in this page.

After this here you can find a “themes” section that contains the url of the sample data that you can download, a list of videotutorials availables and you can also open a ticket to get support.

MayaShop - A Flexible Responsive e-Commerce Theme - 1

  • Features

    8 Home page sliders

    • Elegant slider: An elegant slideshow to display images and text;
    • Cycle Slider: to show text and images or text and videos in a nice way;
    • Nivo Slider: a classic jQuery slideshow with a lot of different transitions;
    • Layer Slider: a premium parallax effect slider
    • Uno Slider: a responsive elegant slider
    • Flash Slider: a creative flash slider;
    • Elastic Slider: a original responsive slider;
    • Awkward slideshow: an amazing slider, with thumbnails and tooltips!

    Choose Your fonts & Colors

    • Over 300 Google fonts;
    • 20 Cufon fonts;
    • Set font and size for titles, slogan, body text and more;
    • Unlimited combinations of colors
    • 50+ custom backgrounds + bg images uploader
    • Unlimited header colors + header uploader

    Shop Features

    • Compatible with WooComerce plugin
    • Multiple images for your product
    • Multiple payment options
    • Supports Tax
    • User accounts and order tracking
    • Shipping Options
    • Product sliders in 2 different styles
    • Shortcodes for featured products, recent products, best sellers and general products (you can set how many items to show, how many columns and the type of order)
    • Detail page of the product with related products, ratings and description tab
    • Megamenu features with the ‘Shopping by Price, Categories and Brand’ function (very useful features and used in all e-commerce sites!)
    • Customize your product’s thumbnails: colors, borders, shadow, turn on/off add to cart and detail buttons, edit colors, choose if display the name of the product inside or under the thumbnail,….and more!
    • much more..

    General features

    • Layout boxed or stretched style
    • Extensive Admin Panel
    • 960 grid system layout
    • Unobtrusive Menu: it Works also if JavaScript is disabled
    • 12 custom widgets
    • Custom post type for testimonials and faqs
    • Unlimited “features tab”
    • Unlimited sidebars
    • 3 different blog styles: big or small image and elegant style
    • Unlimited contact forms with javascript error control
    • Translation-ready theme
    • Shortcode
      • Typography: quote, columns, list styles, dropcap & more
      • Elements: alert boxes, buttons, tables, toggles, tabs, prices tables & more
      • Media: sliders, galleries, videos, images styles, lightbox
      • Shop: products sliders, credit card icons and so on
      • & more
    • PrettyPhoto (really nice Lightbox clone)
    • Video tutorials: how to set ALL the theme
    • Blog page + thread comments
    • Well Documented
    • HTML File support

    Screencast Theme Support

    Customize your theme easily with our videotutorials.

    Sample data

    Import our sample data and make your WordPress like our demo with just one click!

    Update History

    3.7.3 – Released on 6 November 2019

    • New: Support for WordPress 5.3
    • New: Support for WooCommerce 3.8
    • Update: YIT Plugin Framework
    • Fix: Problem with metaboxes in Pages
    • Fix: Minor bugs

    3.7.2 – Released on 17 August 2019

    • New: WordPress 5.2 support
    • New: WooCommerce 3.7 support
    • Fix: Minor bugs

    3.7.1 – Released on 26 April 2019

    • Fix: Deprecated “create_function”
    • Fix: Review template syntax error

    3.7.0 – Released on 23 April 2019

    • New: WordPress 5.1 support
    • New: WooCommerce 3.6 support
    • Update: YIT Plugin Framework
    • Update: YIT Framework
    • Fix: share section not showed inside single product page
    • Fix: Minor bugs

    3.6.0 – Released on 11 December 2019

    • New: WordPress 5.0 support
    • New: WooCommerce 3.5.2 support
    • Fix: PHP 7.2 functions not using variable
    • Fix: Minor bugs

    Ver 3.5.0 – Oct 27

    • New: WordPress 4.9.8 support
    • New: WooCommerce 3.5 support
    • New: PHP 7.2 support
    • Fix: Minor bugs

    Ver 3.5.0 – Oct 27

    • New: WordPress 4.9.8 support
    • New: WooCommerce 3.5 support
    • New: PHP 7.2 support
    • Fix: Minor bugs

    Ver 3.4.0 – May 29

    • New: WordPress 4.9.6 support
    • New: WooCommerce 3.4 support
    • New: GDPR Support
    • Update: YIT Plugin Framework
    • Update: YIT Framework
    • Fix: Popup problem
    • Fix: Minor bugs

    Ver 3.3.0 – Feb 23

    • New: WordPress 4.9.4 support
    • New: WooCommerce 3.3.3 support
    • Fix: Minor bugs

    Version 3.1.1 Released Sep 19, 2017

    • New: WordPress 4.8 support
    • New: WooCommerce 3.1.x support
    • New: WooCommerce 3.0.9 support
    • Remove: WooCommerce 2.5.x folder
    • Fix: WPML minor bug
    • Fix: WooCommerce lightbox on single product page
    • Fix: Product visibility for product slider and items shortcodes
    • Fix: Minor bugs

    Version 3.1.0 Released Apr 19, 2017

    • New: WooCommerce 3.0.x support
    • Fix: WooCommerce product image zoom
    • Fix: WooCommerce product thumbnails
    • Fix: Sale icon
    • Fix: Minor bugs

    Version 3.0.2 Released Mar 21, 2017

    • New: WooCommerce 3.0.0-RC1 support
    • Fix: String Translation and Maya Shop Generates warning messages on elastic Slider
    • Fix: Localized string Category
    • Fix: yiw_wc_product_post_class function
    • Fix: Usage of get_terms function
    • Fix: Loop margin on slider
    • Fix: Minor bugs

    Version 3.0.1 Released Jun 13, 2016

    • Added: WooCommerce 2.6 support
    • Updated: Layer Slider to 5.6.8 version

    Version 3.0.0 Released Apr 29, 2016

    • Added: WordPress 4.5.x support
    • Added: PHP7 Support
    • Updated: Layer Slider to 5.6.6 version
    • Fixed: “Image cannot be loaded” error with “read more” link

    Version 2.9.4 Released Mar 25, 2016

    • Added: WooCommerce 2.5.5 support

    Version 2.9.3 Released Feb 08, 2016

    • Added: WordPress 4.4.2 support
    • Added: WooCommerce 2.5.2 support
    • Fixed: Add or change single slide on slider does not work

    Version 2.9.2 Released Jan 05, 2016

    • Added: WordPress 4.4 support
    • Added: WooCommerce 2.4.12
    • Added: WooCommerce 2.5.x (tested with version beta beta 3)
    • Fixed: Pagination issue when shop is on Home Page

    Version 2.9.1 Released Nov 10, 2015

    • Added: Layer Slider 5.6.2
    • Added: WooCommerce 2.4.8 support
    • Added: YITH Essential Kit support
    • Added: WordPress Title Tag support
    • Added: Support to WordPress favicon system( Site Identity )
    • Fixed: Mobile detect error
    • Fixed: Email spam problem
    • Fixed: Descriptions on Theme Option are not translated

    Version 2.9.0 Released Aug, 21, 2015

    • Added: WordPress 4.3 support
    • Added: WooCommerce 2.4.5 support(*note The “Category Thumnail Size” option was moved to the theme-option, you should resave it to see changes)
    • Added: Layer Slider 5.5.1

    Version 2.8.5 Released Jun, 27, 2015

    • Updated: PrettyPhoto to 3.1.6 – latest stable and secure version

    Version 2.8.4 Released Jun, 23, 2015

    • Added: WooCommerce 2.3.11 support
    • Added: Layer Slider 5.4.0 support
    • Added: YITH WooCommerce Multi Vendor
    • Added: YITH WooCommerce Advanced Review
    • Added: YITH WooCommerce Colors and Labels Variations
    • Added: YITH Live Chat

    Version 2.8.3 Released Apr, 27, 2015

    • Added: WooCommerce 2.3.8 support
    • Fixed: Wp security issue
    • Fixed: Mini slider translation issue

    Version 2.8.2 Released Mar, 10, 2015

    • Added: Woocommerce 2.3.5 support
    • Added: Yith Woocomerce Order Tracking
    • Adedd: Yith Woocommerce Advanced Reviews
    • Adedd: Yith Woocommerce Quick View
    • Fixed: “Enable Lightbox for product images” option issue

    Version 2.8.1 Released Feb, 16, 2015

    • Added: Woocommerce 2.3.3 support

    Version 2.8.0 Released Feb, 11, 2015

    • Added: Woocommerce 2.3.0 support
    • Added: Yith Woocommerce Wishlist 2.0 *note you must remove embedded wishlist to use it.
    • Removed: Embedded Yith Wishlist directory

    Version 2.7.9 Released Dec, 29, 2014

    • Added: Woocommerce 2.2.10 support
    • Added: Yit Woocomerce Wishlist 1.1.7 support
    • Fixed: Woocommerce “cross sell” position
    • Fixed: Woocommerce pagination issue
    • Fixed: Incorrect content during product sharing on pinterest and other social nets. Stripped shorcodes to prenvent wrong text
    • Fixed: Add to cart shortcode issue
    • Fixed: Missed wp_reset_postdata after custom query in recentpost shortcode
    • Fixed: testimonial image issue on firexox

    Version 2.7.8 Released Nov, 05, 2014

    • Added: Woocommerce 2.2.8 support
    • Added: Yit Woocomerce Wishlist 1.1.6 support
    • Added: Layer Slider 5.3.2 support
    • Added: Option show thumbnail in testimonial widget
    • Added: Option for favicon on mobile devices
    • Fixed: strip tags into blog page
    • Fixed: Primary Nav on Android devices. Links on 3th level doesn’t work
    • Fixed: Shop Category Thumbnail size issue
    • Fixed: Label for Show Custom Related Products
    • Fixed: Image.php issue with w3 total cache plugin
    • Removed: “Bookmark” from share shortcode

    Version 2.7.7 Released Oct, 13, 2014

    • Added: Woocommerce 2.2.6 support

    Version 2.7.6 Released Oct, 07, 2014

    • Added: Layer Slider 5.3.1
    • Added: New Filter in product_categories_slider shortcode. The filter is named ‘yit_product_categories_slider_args’
    • Fixed: YIW links problem

    Version 2.7.5 Released Sep, 26, 2014

    • Fixed: Undefined constant in woocommerce.php
    • Fixed: “The settings of this image size have been disabled because its values are being overwritten by a filter.” because of new WooCommerce 2.2.x
    • Fixed: Single product tabs when using jigoshop
    • Fixed: Minor LayerSlider issues

    Version 2.7.4 Released Sep, 17, 2014

    • Added: Woocommerce 2.2.3 support

    Version 2.7.3 Released Sep, 12, 2014

    • Added: Woocommerce 2.2.2 support

    Version 2.7.2 Released Sep, 06, 2014

    • Added: WordPress 4.0 support
    • Fixed: Duplicated content in single post for Elegant blog type

    Version 2.7.1 Released Aug, 28, 2014

    • Fixed: Blog post excerpt is not used even if it is set on edit post page
    • Fixed: Send email vulnerability issue, an user had ability to upload arbitrary files on uploads directory via Contact Form
    • Removed: Old woocommerce files from child theme

    Version 2.7 – Jul 23, 2014

    • Fixed: Incorrect crop images on single products if images are stored in an external server
    • Fixed: Incorrect image size for og:image tag, that prevent facebook to show the image when the post is shared
    • Fixed: Incorrect parameters for the function get_item_downloads on order details
    • Fixed: Detect IE11
    • Fixed: Undefined function icl_t when string translation plugin is not active
    • Fixed: Reviews stars single product
    • Fixed: Shortcode lightbox in IE8
    • Fixed: Long product title in sidebar
    • Fixed: Social share issue when there are no product description.
    • Fixed: Features Tab style inside product editor
    • Fixed: Theme Option/Slider/Responsive Behavior, “Replace with Fixed-image” option doesn’ t work with all slider
    • Fixed: Search Form wrong position on header for 960px resolution.
    • Fixed: Rich Snippet Single Product (Rating,Reviews e Info)
    • Fixed: Product Tabs Title is not translated
    • Fixed: Widget Icon Text and Text Image body text translate
    • Fixed: Mini Cart Translation compatibility
    • Fixed: Duplicated google font classes on body tag
    • Fixed: Missed Readmore tag on Blog Small layout
    • Fixed: Single blog small layout doesn’t work even if selected from theme option
    • Fixed: Undefined index for portfolios when the current post type is not found on portfolios array
    • Added: H1 and title class in page template
    • Added: BuddyPress support
    • Added: Woocommerce Dynamic Price support
    • Added: Filter on single related products, to change the number of columns. The filter is named loop_shop_columns_related
    • Added: Shortcode column 3/4
    • Added: More socials in blog section. Option in ThemeOptions -> General -> Blog Settings.
    • Added: ReCaptcha system in contact form
    • Added: Support for WooCommerce 2.1.12
    • Updated: LayerSlider Version 5.1.1
    • Updated: Jquery-ui css from 1.8.2 to 1.10.4

    Version 2.6.0 – Apr 17, 2014

    • Added: Filter yiw_sc_recentpost_query_args for recentpost shortcode to filter query args
    • Fixed: image catalog options disappeared from 2.1.x versions of woocommerce plugin
    • Added: Filter to remove zoom icon from the filterable portfolio. The filter is named yiw_portfolio_filterable_show_zoom
    • Added: support to WordPress 3.9
    • Added: support to WooCommerce 2.1.7

    Version 2.5.3 – Mar 19, 2014

    • Added: Missing Category Attribute on items Shortcode
    • Added: Filter named yiw-loop-blog-elegant-thumbnail for elegant blog posts on archives page
    • Added: Filter named yiw-loop-blog-small-thumbnail for small blog posts on archives page
    • Added: Action before and after page content
    • Fixed: Twice ReOrder button on My Account page
    • Fixed: Wrong fields order in checkout page
    • Fixed: Bug in thumbnails gallery under main product image
    • Fixed: Change Add to cart label from Theme Options
    • Fixed: Checkbox on contact form page
    • Fixed: Shortcode Tabs show all tabs content when the script yiw_tabs is inizialized

    Version 2.5.2 – Feb 24, 2014

    • Fixed: Tabs and variations don’t working in single product page
    • Fixed: no navigation in the product thumbnails gallery

    Version 2.5.1 – Feb 20, 2014

    • Fixed: Parse error $ end in the products list
    • Fixed: Double description in category page
    • Fixed: Add to cart button in different style for the traditional layout of products list

    Version 2.5.0 – Feb 19, 2014

    • Added: Support to Woocommerce 2.1.x
    • Fixed: HTML tags in pinterest description
    • Fixed: Bug with woocommerce magnifier plugin
    • Fixed: Wrong Contact Form
    • Fixed: Filtering Title, sep and website of testimonials slider meta

    Version 2.4.0 – Dec 28

    • Added: Compatibility to WordPress 3.8
    • Added: support to FB Connect free plugin and integrated with the theme
    • Added: Hook woocommerce_grouped_product_list_before_price
    • Updated: LayerSlider plugin to 5.0.0 version
    • Updated: YITH WooCommerce Magnifier plugin bundled to last version
    • Updated: minimized all javascript files
    • Fixed: WPML error while searching for products
    • Fixed: Error with Last tweets widget. Replaced user name with user id
    • Fixed: Out of stock badge position
    • Fixed: Shop page content printed above the products
    • Fixed: Portfolio items numbers when leave empty

    Version 2.3.0 – Aug 02

    • Added: support with WordPress 3.6
    • Updated: LayerSlider plugin to version 4.6.0
    • Fixed: Increased the limit of the drodpwon menu on mobiles to fix an error with Samsung Galaxy S3
    • Fixed: Last tweets widget, error on multiple lines
    • Fixed: Popup text wrongly handled if there’s HTML
    • Fixed: Theme lightbox does not replace WooCommerce lightbox on products
    • Fixed: Notifier cache
    • Fixed: “Reviews” string now translatable with ‘yiw’ language files
    • Fixed: Images generated correctly also on SSL
    • Fixed: [image] shortcode size small

    Version 2.2.2 – Jul 18

    • Added: OGP Meta tags
    • Added: Fixed Image can link to a specific URL
    • Updated: files localization
    • Updated: language files
    • Fixed: Thumbnails appear only on hover on Safari and Firefox
    • Fixed: Elegant slider titles typography
    • Fixed: Layout on products tag page

    Version 2.2.1 – Jul 04

    • Updated: child folder
    • Fixed: sale on variable product
    • Fixed: images cropped also if there isn’t the “Hard Crop” actived

    Ver 2.2.0 – Jun 27

    • Added: YITH WooCommerce Ajax Navigation
    • Added: YITH WooCommerce Compare
    • Added: global options for Twitter API
    • Updated: Twitter widget and shortcode now work with new API
    • Updated: language file
    • Updated: child folder
    • Fixed: on sale/out of stock badge z-index
    • Fixed: JigoShop functions to get image sizes
    • Fixed: JigoShop loop for products on sale
    • Fixed: Shortcode support in archive categories
    • Fixed: Sale flash on variable products
    • Fixed: post id in extra content

    Ver 2.1.0 – Jun 07

    • Added: Option to hide WooCommerce ordering dropdown on products pages
    • Added: filter yiw_upsells_text
    • Added: wpml-config.xml for WMPL compatibility
    • Added: confirm message when you want install the sample data
    • Added: [sitemap] shortcode
    • Added: Popup
    • Added: maintenance mode and custom login
    • Added: Partial Romanian language pack
    • Added: slogan and subslogan on shop page
    • Added: delete resized images option
    • Updated: WooCommerce templates
    • Updated: child folder
    • Fixed: Product categories image size in catalog pages
    • Fixed: resize image with SSL connection
    • Fixed: Removed old template empty.php and added cart-empty.php
    • Fixed: yiw_post_id and fixed titles, breadcrumbs and slogans
    • Fixed: number of related products shown with filters enabled
    • Fixed: Sidebar for shop pages (JigoShop)
    • Fixed: Magnifier slider
    • Fixed: thumbnails with class image
    • Fixed: sale icons didn’t show
    • Removed: Gravity Forms premium plugin
    • Removed: WooCommerce Ajax Layered Nav premium plugin
    • Removed: WooCommerce Compare Products premium plugin
    • Removed: Gravity Forms Product Addons premium plugin

    Ver 2.0.1 – May 24

    • Added: Option to hide WooCommerce ordering dropdown on products pages
    • Added: Estonian partial translation by kissthesys
    • Updated: WooCommerce templates
    • Fixed: Slider disappeared in home page
    • Fixed: Product detail pages empty
    • Fixed: Sale badge everywhere with WooCommerce 2.0.10
    • Fixed: added message ‘Add to cart’ in Wishlist page

    Ver 2.0 – May 20

    • Added: YITh Magnifier for the zoom feature
    • Added: Compare feature
    • Added: AJAX Layered Nav
    • Added: Taxonomy category for the testimonials. The shortcodes and [testimonials_slider] now support the attribute category=”cat-slug”
    • Added: new system for external plugin management
    • Added: Extra content also on the shop page
    • Added: French translation sent by “sydshopgab” (
    • Updated: LayerSlider to last version and made it responsive
    • Updated: YITH WooCommerce Wishlist
    • Updated: language files
    • Updated: child folder
    • Fixed: Slider on the shop page for JigoShop
    • Fixed: error with category link in categories list
    • Fixed: Blog page breadcrumb and title now show correctly
    • Fixed: Style change when the products categories slider and another products slider are one next to other
    • Fixed: Features tab support for shortcodes
    • Fixed: Recent Comments widget shows correctly only approved comments
    • Fixed: Related products hidden
    • Fixed: WooCommerce default image sizes
    • Fixed: Shop page slider issue
    • Fixed: Testimonial single featured image hidden when the featured image of the single blog posts was hidden by theme option
    • Fixed: Undefined variable in the pagination
    • Fixed: Shop categories list typography
    • Fixed: Checkout Terms checkbox on responsive
    • Fixed: Catalog images size in traditional view

    Ver 1.9.1 – April 11

    • Added: Option to show/hide breadcrumb on single posts
    • Added: exclude parameter to the [product_categories_slider] shortcode
    • Added: Danish translation pack by Jesper
    • Added: Instagram social shortcode ([social type=”instagram” href=”#”])
    • Added: custom textarea in header
    • Added: sc rating and yiw_add_to_cart
    • Added: show and number of related products in theme options
    • Added: Spanish Language Pack – by: ered15 and Jorge Burgos
    • Updated: Languages packs
    • Fixed: Widget Cart buttons line-height
    • Fixed: Cross sells width
    • Fixed: Mini Layer and Nivo Slider typography issue
    • Fixed: Single product page responsive
    • Fixed: slider not shown when qTranslate Slug plugin is active
    • Fixed: Wishlist now handle also External products
    • Fixed: Breadcrumb correctly handle all UTF8 characters
    • Fixed: Wishlist error when adding products with cookies enabled and not logged in
    • Fixed: WooCommerce lightbox now works on mobiles
    • Fixed: Products show the browser title when overing with mouse
    • Fixed: Map text now strip slashes
    • Fixed: Product categories childrens indentation
    • Fixed: Widget cart double buttons
    • Fixed: Wishlist error when the product does not exist
    • Fixed: Footer titles, text and links options
    • Removed: Old $.bind() usage

    Ver 1.9 – March 12

    • Added: Woocommerce 2.0 Support
    • Fixed: Woocommerce 2.0 thumbnails

    Ver 1.8.5 – Feb 08

    • Added: Hook yiw_after_logo
    • Added: support for menus with depth higher than 3
    • Added: yiw_main_menu_depth filter
    • Added: Sub navigation and logo text size options
    • Added: Filter yiw_tags_allowed to add custom allowed tags such as something
    • Fixed: Slider Nivo was sometimes not clickable
    • Fixed: woocommerce languages files fix
    • Fixed: Add to cart button now appear also if there’s not price
    • Fixed: Price tag does not appear if there’s not price
    • Fixed: yiw_addp() excludes
    • Fixed: share wishlist
    • Fixed: feed url in dashboard
    • Fixed: Wishlist was not disabled correctly when you untick the apposite option
    • Fixed: Product enquiry form plugin CSS
    • Fixed: Breadcrumb on the portfolio template
    • Fixed: Title does not print description if it is empty
    • Fixed: Contact Forms cannot contain _ (underscore) in the name
    • Fixed: Notice within the shortcode [product_categories_slider]
    • Fixed: product variations
    • Updated: Child theme folder

    Ver. 1.8 – Jan 16

    • Added 1.8: YITH WooCommerce Wishlist Premium plugin
    • Added: Options for the background color of the main menu
    • Updated 1.8: Languages files
    • Fixed: Show Topbar option now works
    • Fixed: Product lightbox within features tabs
    • Fixed: error with the shortcode
    • Fixed: shortcode [size] paragraph
    • Fixed: Flexslider shortcode now is responsive
    • Fixed: shortcode slider testimonial (added wp_reset_query())
    • Fixed: variations in IE10.
    • Fixed: tag li newsletter
    • Fixed: resources usage fix
    • Fixed: stock management
    • Fixed: [tabs] shortcode error
    • Fixed: stock quantity text position
    • Fixed: Features tab icon
    • Fixed: yiw_addp() typography scs fix
    • Fixed: Slider Nivo was sometimes not clickable
    • Fixed: Add to cart button now appear also if there’s not price.
    • Fixed: Price tag does not appear if there’s not price
    • Fixed: woocommerce languages files fix Updated: Child theme folder

    Ver. 1.7 – Dec 17

    • Updated: LayerSlider to 3.5 version (you have to set again the sliders in Theme Options -> Sliders)
    • Added: Turkish translation by fatihyesil
    • Added: Polish translation
    • Added: german translation
    • Added: Out of stock flash also on single product
    • Added: Title of the product color option when hover
    • Added: submenu typography option
    • Fixed: Theme Options in wordpress 3.5
    • Fixed: jquery UI version for wordpress 3.5
    • Fixed: images of shop in responsive
    • Fixed: slider products in RTL direction
    • Fixed: double content in the pages
    • Fixed: Wrong title in share shortcode
    • Fixed: bug with features tab
    • Fixed: Google +1 button
    • Fixed: Updated Google Fonts
    • Fixed: Title of the product color option
    • Fixed: menu active item in default navigation
    • Fixed: special font issue in call to action shortcode
    • Fixed: jquery error when there’s not a tab in the single product view
    • Fixed: Mobile_Detect no longer duplicated when already declared
    • Fixed: Removed Calibri font from woocommerce style
    • Fixed: wrong font in call to action two
    • Fixed: some inexistent backgrounds removed from the CSS
    • Fixed: Bug with categories font hover
    • Fixed: Slider Nivo short text support shortcodes
    • Fixed: class of the box shortcode. It failed with a woocommerce plugin
    • Fixed: minilayers stripslashes
    • Fixed: cursor for the label in the header search form
    • Fixed: full class for the contact form
    • Fixed: FAQ labels
    • Fixed: updated languages files default and .pot
    • Fixed: Error with emails and payments
    • Fixed: error with the slider shortcode
    • Fixed: tab shortcode jump when click on headings
    • Fixed: bug with the option “Show add to cart” on products list
    • Fixed: bad request url in contact form, for some servers
    • Fixed: sample data importer

    Ver. 1.6.1 – Sept 07

    • Added: star rating in shop page and product detail page
    • Added: partial Japanese translation (thanks to Takashi Sugitsuka)
    • Fixed: bug in width of each product in shop page
    • Fixed: bugs with slider scripts
    • Fixed: bug with portfolio sidebar
    • Fixed: bug typography in paragraphs and links
    • Fixed: style of woocommerce errors messages
    • Fixed: special font in the shortcode call to action

    Ver. 1.6 – Aug 27

    • Added: holiday mode in header
    • Added: items attribute in the [product_slider] and [product_categories_slider] shortcode
    • Added: polish translation (thanks to Justyna Bizdra)
    • Added: partial russian translation (thanks to Anatoliy Ruchka)
    • Fixed: button in products out of stock
    • Fixed: urls of some elements of the theme, when the theme is in https
    • Fixed: bugs in the metaboxes removed when a post is saved by Quick Edit feature
    • Fixed: bugs in pagination of blog page
    • Fixed: order in features tab posts
    • Fixed: some notices shown in the pages without posts
    • Fixed: option for the color of active item in the navigation menu
    • Fixed: bugs with portfolio sidebars
    • Fixed: bugs of typography and fonts options
    • Fixed: variations bugs in the single product page
    • Fixed: words localization around the theme
    • Fixed: mistake in slider product categories
    • Fixed: woocommerce folder in child theme
    • Fixed: share shortcode bug
    • Fixed: bugs with the file templates of shop pages

    Ver. 1.5.1 – Jul 29

    • Fixed: bug in the style of the products list in some shortcodes
    • Fixed: bug in layout setting for the shop archive pages
    • Fixed: wrong position of description in categories pages
    • Fixed: layout width in the single product page, where there is the sidebar
    • Fixed: duplication in product detail pages
    • Fixed: product and categories slider shortcode in responsive mode
    • Fixed: bug of elastic slider in responsive mode

    Ver. 1.5 – Jul 21

    • Fixed: compatibility with WooCommerce 1.6 and major
    • Fixed: slider wasn’t shown in the shop page when it is a home page
    • Fixed: bug with multiple portfolios
    • Fixed: bug with pingbacks and trackbacks
    • Fixed: share buttons for twitter and facebook in blog posts and for buttons in shop pages
    • Fixed: bug in options for headings typography
    • Fixed: bug in options for shop buttons colors
    • Fixed: position of sale icon in shop pages
    • Fixed: tags stripped from the titles of slider elastic
    • Fixed: style of 404 template page
    • Fixed: border-radius in the shop images
    • Fixed: bugs in responsive mode
    • Added: dropdown select for the navigation in responsive mode
    • Added: sidebar in responsive mode
    • Added: new style for the category list in shop page
    • Added: option to choose the category image size, in woocommerce settings
    • Added: options to show or hide the “View Project” button in portfolio pages
    • Added: [share] shortcode to share the products
    • Updated: languages files
    • Updated: LayerSlider plugin version updated
    • Updated: woocommerce files templates

    Ver. 1.4 – Jun 14

      • Fixed: notice with wordpress 3.4
      • Fixed: colors options for topbar
      • Fixed: typography option for general paragraphs and for blog comments
      • Fixed: code mistake in comments list
      • Fixed: almost all categories didn’t show any categories when there weren’t any categories selected in theme options
      • Fixed: bug in the sliders, when the theme is installed in a windows server
      • Fixed: widget of layerslider
      • Fixed: removed sorting dropdown in some shortcodes of shop plugin
      • Fixed: size of shop images, that was blurred
  • Added: cart hover in the ribbon of the topbar, that you can decide to show or hide in theme options settings
      • Added: archives template for an archive page
  • Added: searchform in header, that you can decide to show or hide in theme options settings
    • Added: little animation when the products are added to cart in the products list page

    Ver. 1.3.2 – Jun 07

    • Fixed : bug in the shop layout pages
    • Fixed : stripslashes in the title of slider nivo and layer
    • Fixed : color of add to cart button
    • Fixed : options to show/hide add to cart button and price tagin the single product page
    • Fixed : opening quote in the testimonial slider shortcode
    • Added : target attribute in the [button] shortcode
    • Added : pinterest icon for social shortcode
    • Added : product summary in the product single page
    • Added : child theme folder
    • Added : category in the [items] shortcode
    • Added : ability to add/remove the link in the titles of the testimonial slider
    • Updated : the layers slider plugin

    Ver.1.3.1 – May, 24

    • Fixed: option to change the color of text logo
    • Fixed: option for the breadcrumb in the wordpress pages
    • Fixed: bug with slashes in the title of the nivo slider
    • Fixed: language localization around the theme options
    • Added: sidebar for the widget qTranslate in the topbar
    • Added: option to change the text in the map of page header

    Ver. 1.3 – May, 16

    • Removed: background from images folder and from the list of body backgrounds presets
    • Updated: list of google fonts
    • Fixed: colors options for the shop buttons
    • Fixed: warning message shown for the bad widgets retrieving
    • Fixed: title was hidden in “Related Products” section, in Jigoshop
    • Fixed: bugs with shop pages layout
    • Fixed: little bug with ajax request in woocommerce cart widget
    • Fixed: style for the variations dropdowns, in the product detail page
    • Fixed: active status in the product tab, in product detail page, with jigoshop installed
    • Fixed: double fixed-image header in the responsive layout
    • Added: options to hide the topbar and the cart in topbar
    • Added: the dropdown in the topbar menu
    • Added: options for the gallery and portfolio pages
    • Added: more filters in the products list in admin panel, with woocommerce installed
    • Added: breadcrumbs, that was missing
    • Added: layout for the portfolio post detail page

    Ver. 1.2 – April, 28

    • Added: portfolio and gallery pages
    • Fixed: a little issue with theme options tab general saving
    • Fixed: price filter in menu navigation, when it’s not used the woocommerce widget


  • Buttons:
  • Social icons:
  • jQuery
  • Nivo Slider
  • Piecemaker Flash slider: piecemaker
  • Awkward slideshow:
  • Elastic slider, thanks to Codropos:
  • UnoSlider, purchased with a extended license here:
  • Layerslider, the parallax slider, purchased with a extended license here:
  • Google Fonts: Webfonts with Google fonts</>
  • Cufon
    • Quicksand font
    • Champagne e Limousines font
    • Lobster font
    • Days font
    • Yanone Kaffeesatz font
    • Bebas
    • Waukegan
    • Dustismo
    • Folks
    • Reklame Script
    • Nilland
    • Merge
    • Delicious Font
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